Dates: Early October, late February

In the Mediterranean area it is found more on hills and mid-mountains than in the plains but it avoids too dense forest areas. Finally, note that nowadays it avoids the extreme Mediterranean coastal fringe. In winter, it preferentially uses meadows bordered by large hedges and open spaces of medium altitude.

Being often in the woods, hunting is done in small drives with beaters.

Territory: Chassamir private reserve

45,000 Ha 50 km from Marrakech.
Plain made up of agricultural properties. Hunting in cotton, alfalfa and potato fields.

Progress of a day of hunting:

Around 8:30 a.m., departure from Marrakech by minibus or all-terrain vehicle with driver to the hunting ground.
Distribution of water, distribution of dogs and carriers.
Picnic lunch on the ground: salad/grilled over a wood fire/cheese/fruit/wine and water.
Hunting until around 4:00 p.m. and return to Marrakech.

Table authorized: 50 thrushes per day in the reserve.


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