The 5,000 hectare territory which is located 30 minutes from downtown Marrakech Is totally preserved It is arid, stony, without roads or houses with steep valleys ideal for hunting.


The Gambra partridge is a game bird of the pheasant family, native to North Africa. It is slightly larger than French or English partridges, but this has no impact on the way they fly, just as lively and responsive. The combination of these hardy birds and the terrain requires good shot quality that challenges shooters.

The estate extends over more than 5,000 hectares of deep valleys and rocky hills, providing the Gambra Partridge with the ideal habitat to thrive and hunters with suitable territory.


Hunting on the estate takes place from mid-October to early March. Our territory allows hunters to practice two consecutive days of hunting depending on demand. Each day of hunting offers 5 to 6 hunts with a snack break and a lunch break at the end of the day, a presentation of the hunting table and according to the quota chosen being 250/300 partridges per day.


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